Viera 4K Technology

Studio Master Drive 4K Technology

Studio Master Drive

For more accurate colour and smoother gradation at any brightness

Studio Master Drive achieves smooth gradation and highly-detailed black expression even in very dark scenes which were previously not possible on a LCD TV

It works by adjusting the image in extremely fine brightness steps, thus reproducing accurate colour expression at any brightness level.


Dimming Ultra

Local Dimming Ultra

Deep robust blacks with high contrast

Panasonic's range of 4K TVs provide an improved performance in image quality. Viewers will see a clear difference in that are provided by the deep, robust range of blacks on the television. By placing a high performance LED backlight equipped with hundreds of local-dimming zones directly behind LCD panel, the screen can bring out delicate details and highly-nuanced expressions which might otherwise have been lost.

Furthermore, dark scenes with deep robust blacks also retain their original detail even with area of high contrast.

Ultra Bright 4K Panel


Ultra Bright Panel

Richer and more brilliant colour even in bright scenes

Combining the direct LED backlight with a highly transparent LCD panel produces outstanding brightness.

Furthermore, Panasonic's original technology for televisions delivers far more vibrant images by digitally recovering the original brightness which is compressed during shooting resulting in richer and brighter colour naunces are being produced. Find out more about the full range of Panasonic LED TVs

Studio Master Colour


Studio Master Colour

Vividly colourful images from a wide colour gamut

The newly developed LED backlight combined with Studio Master Colour technology achieves an expanded colour space which covers 98% of the DCI standard.

Higher purity and delicate hues are also attained.

This wider colour palette enables the reproduction of colours which are faithful to the original while letting the viewer experience all the beauty and emotional impact that image creator intended.

Quad Core Pro 5


Quad Core PRO5 Processing

Detailed, crisp images from any source

Panasonic’s original high-performance image-processing engine immaculately renders highly intricate and detailed 4K images.

In addition, it achieves beautifully elegant 4K quality with precise noise reduction and motion image compensation from a variety of sources such as broadcasts, web content and others.

4K Resolution


4K Super Clear Resolution

Enjoy 4K images from any source

“4K Super Clear Resolution”  technology , newly developed in high-performance image-processing engine, reproduces 4K image quality with 3,840 x 2,160-pixel resolution from all image sources.

Content Optimizer Pro


Content Optimizer Pro

Video content from broadcasts, website is clearly reproduced

Unique detection and correction technologies reduce random noise and low-bit-rate noise.

A wide variety of content is clearly displayed.

4K IFC Pro Technology



Sports and action scenes are clearly reproduced

Frames are detected before and after the present frame, and a new intermediate frame is created. Optimal backlight blinking also helps to reproduce smooth images with minimal blurring.

4K Streaming


Wide 4K Connectivity

H.265/HEVC Decoder

Netflix 4K streaming service is viewable through built-in H.265/HEVC decoder (TBD).

4K 60/50p Native Input

Features 4K 60/50p single-wire input

without signal compression

  • x4 HDMI ver 2.0 input

with 4K Pure Direct (YUV 4:4:4)

  • x1 Display Port 1.2a

*Note: Netflix decoder is avaliable on all 4K model tv's except the AX630


4K Connectivity

New Ways to Connect

Additionally, Panasonic has also built their 4K TV to ensure that connecting devices to it is simple. Users now have the ability to connect through an SD card slot (particularly useful for DSLR camera users) and a USB port for memory sticks and more.


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