Ultra HD 4K TV

Experience the 4K Ultra HD TVs from Panasonic. With 4x's the resolution of High definition and HDR (High Dynamic Range) it really is a breath taking experience

4K HDR Television: What is it?

As television continues to evolve, we are becoming far less satisfied with the picture quality of HD, we long for greater clarity in pictures, bigger television screens and more interesting features.

But the innovation in the new range of 4K televisions with stunning images and ground-breaking HDR technology will do nothing short of blowing you away and finally quenching your thirst for a more vivid image quality. Offering four times the resolution of HD and 8 million pixels on screen vs. the 2 million you get from a full 1080p HD TV, 4K Ultra really projects a crisper, clearer and sharper image, allowing for more details to be seen, overall sharper imagery and a more emotional viewing experience is born. The 4K display will change the way you watch television forever.

HDR TVs paint images with 10-bit colour. Bit depth is the limit of how much colour gradation you can see on screen. Regular 8-bit TVs have a range 220 usable shades. 10-bit HDR offers 1,024 shades. The result is much smoother colour reproduction.

HDR also holds more colour in brightly lit scenes. In SDR, a blue sky will usually appear white. With HDR, all that colour is restored.

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The appeal of the new range of 4K televisions stems from the need to provide the best picture quality available on today’s market. It ultimately creates a better picture experience than the cinema by having a greater resolution, all from the comfort of your own home.

As consumers, we're constantly seeking the best image quality and 4K is the exciting, huge leap forward. Additionally, on a 4K TV, you'll also be able to view your photographs with a higher quality of detail. No longer will you have to zoom in on photos from your DSLR on your laptop - you'll now be able to view them to the fullest on your 4K TV, the way they were meant to be seen.

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HD to 4K?

Can I Watch HD on a 4K TV?

4K Upscaling

Despite the significant difference in resolution, you can watch HD on your 4K television. Not only can you watch HD but it will thrive! By using sophisticated upscaling technology that relies on a database of 120,000 textures, your 4K television will identify, enhance and create new pixels in order to render a vivid image in ultra-high definition 4K. This enables you to witness a crisp image, with greater depths of colour and a greater sharpness to the overall image even if the source of the content is not 4K and is HD.

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With several platforms in talks about broadcasting or streaming 4K content, the future for this innovative technology is exciting. For example, Netflix was one of the earliest platforms to pick up on 4K and has already started to release shows in the higher, stunning resolution, starting with the very popular second season of House of Cards and Daredevil.

Other exciting platforms to look out for are the 4K Sky Box, which many 4K television manufacturers have already begun to include into their plans. The list of platforms jumping on the 4K bandwagon continues to grow, and it certainly looks as though this innovative technology is the way of the future.



Similarly to your HDTV and SMART TV, 4K TVs can be used with a variety of devices already available in your home.

The latest 4K TVs typically come with an HDMI 2.0 port allowing for higher bandwidth (18Gbps), supporting the high data requirement of the 4K standard. This allows you to watch 4K footage in 60fps in a 12 bit 4:2:2 colour space. Speaking in plain English – it doesn’t get any better outside of a professional post-production studio.

You can also connect other devices, i.e. digital cameras, to your 4K LED TV in order to browse video and photographs. Using extension devices like Chromecast and AppleTV, you can also connect Apple and Android devices.

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